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SERI® in Canada is a privately held, employee owned incorporated company located in Calgary.  Our leadership team consists of senior environmental, engineering, and business professionals. 

Services are unique and based on practical experience working with private companies, government, community groups, and individuals. 

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SERI works within four core sectors: 

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About us

Rarely do you see a close synergy between energy and environmental professionals. Happily, this is exactly what Chris and Elan discovered was the key to success in founding SERI; they bring this talent to every project.

Christopher de Laforest, P.Eng.: From a small Saskatchewan town to major international work arenas in Europe, Chris is the engineering and building professional co-founder of SERI. His work experience spans numerous energy efficient building and home renovations and retrofits, major domestic and international energy producers, and on and offshore environments. Chris is an engineer and a Certified Passive House provider; from skyscrapers to bungalows, with a passion for detail and an interest in exploring new technologies and new concepts in work and living spaces, Chris will improve your performance and decrease your long term costs.

Elan de Laforest, MBA, P.Biol.:  Growing up on a farm was the beginning of SERI co-founder Elan’s environmental roots. Early in her career as a biologist she found herself working closely with farmers, ranchers, and other small business owners. Interest in business and emergency planning grew from nursing education and her experience with flooding incidents, gas plant leaks/fire, and oil spills. As a Senior Advisor with Alberta Environment, her education degree was a tangible benefit in understanding and outlining things on different levels for differing clients. Elan brings her wealth of business solutions, community developmentenvironmental management knowledge, policy and change planning expertise to every SERI project. 


Our Values

SERI is a group of sustainability professionals bridging traditionally distinct fields. We integrate knowledge from environmental science, engineering, education, energy, and business in order to blend management and science foundations.


SERI is a committed services group with skilled and professionally designated members. Our contractors are considered part of our team, and we have developed long-term relationships based on their meticulous work. All of us are committed - we don't make a big deal out of doing what we should be doing anyway. Rather, we strive to surprise and exceed your expectations.



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