Energy Efficiency Consultants

Our construction concepts result in sustainable buildings that are actually energy efficient, comfortable, economical and ecologically sound. Whether you are renovating or ‘building from scratch’, our hands-on experience in construction and renovation ensures your money is well spent. And your space is truly enjoyable, comfortable, and affordable!


Even with today's stricter building codes, building 'just to code' is like settling for a D in school. – FineHomebuilding, 2016


Already hired your contractor?  

We work with your existing builder! Using your current build plans, we recommend appropriate modifications to ensure your home meets your performance requirements, is built better than code, and saves you money in the long run.

Not yet started your building design process?  

No problem - based on our years of experience working with several trusted builders constructing/renovating high performance homes, together we plan and then craft your unique, efficient and effective space.

Plan on tackling a renovation yourself?

Contact us - whether it's a new floor in your basement or a bathroom remodel, we provide you with sound advice, outlining steps to take and 'must have'' items and supplies to ensure a finished product you are happy with. 

Currently looking for a home, condo or retail space?

We view properties with you, providing on-­the-­spot guidance: current condition and quality, including renovation ideas and general budgets.


One of SERI’s many projects include a 1954 bungalow renovated from the ground­ up.  Gutting the structure to the studs, the electrical, plumbing, insulation, envelope, design, finishings, landscaping and fencing were completely changed. 

The space is seen as an example of excellent use of space and meticulous construction: the attic has a high functioning R­60 insulation level, the main floor is bright and draft free (great insulation and envelope at work), and the basement floor and walls dry, warm and cozy as a result of an efficient vapour barrier and subfloor.  Outside features plenty of yard space for a solid deck, raised garden beds and kids play area, along with a fence that is exceptionally sturdy, straight, and a beautifully landscaped yard.

Passive House

A Passive House building (Passivhaus) is a durable, well designed space absent of drafts, leaks and mould.  Passive House buildings save energy and reduce greenhouse gasses - by a significant amount. The benefits to Passive House are numerous, including increased user comfort and a decrease in indoor air pollution.  Known as the world’s most energy efficient buildings, they are also healthier, more comfortable, and affordable by way of:

a) A permanently comfortable indoor climate: there are no drafty areas, and during the winter the construction concepts keep the heat in the house – and keep it out during the summer.

b) Constant fresh air: a ventilation system constantly supplies fresh air, making for excellent indoor air quality.

c) Negligible heating costs: the vast energy savings are a result of superior energy efficient building components coupled with a quality ventilation system.

d) Simple to use, durable systems that are less susceptible to faults and offer a substantial reduction in operating costs over the lifetime of the building.

If any of the above is something you want for your current (or future planned) space, we would enjoy helping you create it.  

Connect with us at 587-436-2826 to get started!

We offer the following services:

  • Residential and Commercial

  • Structure and Materials

  • Envelope and Insulation

  • Landscaping

  • Interior Design

  • Passive House design for energy efficiency

  • Energy Efficiency Building Consultation

  • Real Estate Assistance

  • Land Management

  • Water Management (including water wells)