Window Shopping


Recently, an article on Fine caught our attention as it mentioned something we encounter on a regular basis. Author Asa Christiana notes “Windows are always the weakest link in the building envelope. So it pays to make a wise choice….Contrary to popular belief, your builder or local window dealer might not be the best source of information.

We are in agreement with Asa on this point as it is something we see regularly. As energy efficiency consultants, windows and other building components are reviewed with a variety of clients on a regular basis.  During a consultation, owners will discuss their renovation or new building plans and these sessions include discussing the specific windows a builder or window manufacturer has recommended.  In our experience, after reviewing these products, frequently the builder or window salesperson has recommend the wrong window.

They can be the wrong window for any number of reasons; unsuitable for the north side of the building, poor R-value, or an overall inappropriate selection for a cold climate.

The article goes on to note "it pays to hire an architect or designer, who will be open to a wider variety of solutions.”  If you are in the process of planning a renovation or building your next home or business, contact us!  We can assist you in ensuring the windows you purchase are clearly the best choice for your location.  It pays to spend a bit of time with us before spending a lot of money on windows and doors to ensure they really are the best fit for your project. 

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